• 180B1005 Danfoss PAHT G 4
Danfoss PAHT G high-pressure pumps are designed for ultra-pure water. PAHT G pumps are developed especially for various gas turbine applications, such as the reduction of NOx emissions in diesel engines, inlet fogging, and wet compression. Lubrication of the moving parts is provided by the water itself. PAHT G pumps are the lightest and most compact pumps in the industry and can be installed horizontally or vertically. They are powered by electric motors or combustion engines, and they are suitable for water with inlet pressure boosted from the supply tank. There is no need for cooling circuits due to a very high mechanical efficiency.

Technical specifications:
Type: PAHT G 4 
Flow at 1500 rpm: 5 l/min 
Max. Shaft Speed: 3000
Maximum Pressure: 100 Bar 
Ports / Connections (In, Out): G1/2, G1/4 
House Material: AISI 304 
Weight: 4,4 

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180B1005 Danfoss PAHT G 4

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