• 180G0034 VRH 5

The relief valve is used for protecting the components of a system against overload as a result of a pressure peak. Further, the valve is designed for controlling/ limiting the system pressure by draining off the surplus water from the pressure side. The valve is designed for tap water, i.e. without additives of any kind to the medium. (EU-drinking water directive 98/83/EC).

Technical specifications:
Max input pressure: 220 bar
Adjustable range: 25-100 bar
Rated flow: 5 l/min
Ports: G3/8
House material: AISI 304
Weight: 0,6 kg

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180G0034 VRH 5

  • Brand: Danfoss
  • Product Code: 180G0034
  • Availability: 14-30 Days